Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pick a debatable topic. Research that topic. Write an opinion paragraph on that topic using text within the article to support your opinion.

Does technology make us more alone?
Do you spend too much time perparing for standardized tests?
What should the consequence be for acts of aggression in school?
Should students be able to grade their teacher?
Should snack machines or snack items be offered after school to students?


  1. I think that technology can make us more alone in a way, but we can also meet thousands of people when using tech like computers so your never truly alone.

    I think that we don't spend enough time on preparing for tests because often times we only go over a topic once ,so we only hear it once and we often forget about the topic, and strategies to solve it.
    The consequence for acts of aggression in school should be,expulsion if its physical, and if it's bullying it should be ISS.
    I don't think it would be accurate to grade the teacher, because everyone has their own rules to live by.

  2. For this project I chose the question, Does technolgy make us more alone? I chose this because it the title hooked me in. My opinion is that if you want to have you're phone on you fine, but when you are having a lunch date, trying to go to sleep, or enjoying time with your other half keep it in your pocket or purse or wherever as long as it's away.

  3. I think technology can make us alone.

    We don't spend enough time studying for test.

    Time out